Medicinal Alchemy Cannabis Concentrates Tutorial
THC Pics & Testimonials
Look for us at the High Times Medical Cup in Richmond on June 23, 24, 2012
Warning: The methods described in this video utilize solvants which include butane.
May not be legal in your area, state or country. Check with all applicable laws.
For informational and educational purposes only.

New Halent Labs Test Results Here:
707 Headband Amber Glass - 91.85% Total Cannabinoids
707 Headband Budder - 92.87 Total Cannabinoids

NEW - June 22, 2012
Harlequin Glass - 98.03% Total Cannabinoids
Soma A+ Budder (Likely NOT Soma A+, Cutting NOT Verified) - 97.32% Total Cannabinoids
(Don from Halent Labs says " Some of the finest samples we've ever tested!
The Harlequin is about 98% pure cannabinoids, and the Soma is about 97% pure cannabinoids! Wow!
We wanted to make sure we did as good a job with the testing as you did with the product!)

Did You Know?
* Co2 & oxygen extraction techniques do not necessarily yield the best medical cannabis concentrates and extracts.
* Approx. 75% of BHO is composed of fats, waxes, lipids & solids which provide no medical use and can actually be carcinogenic.
* Most medical cannabis concentrates available are full of these same impurities.
* Most medical cannabis concentrates are not fully purged and contain residual solvents which may result in
harsh taste and unhealthy, adverse side effects.
* Approx. 75% of all dollars spent on cannabis concentrate medicine is wasted due to these very simple facts.

Medicinal Alchemy cannabis Concentrates Tutorial

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